From a horse and cart to a container train

It all started with a horse and cart. We now have 140 years of experience. Over that time we have built expertise on the roads and the rails. We connect the most important German and European economic centres with German North Sea ports.

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1876    April – August Zippel establishes the cross-border haulage company Zippel

1897   August's son, Landrat Oswald Zippel, takes over the company

1900   Zippel is on the road to success with 200 employees and around 100 horse-drawn carts

1920   Six branches open – five in south-east Germany and one in Berlin, and Zippel becomes an official railway dispatch forwarding agent in the same year

1930   The third generation takes over, as brothers Konrad and Georg Zippel focus on the growing market in Berlin

Nach 1945: Hamburg becomes the company's headquarters. The company now focuses on port handling in the city and scheduled freight services between the major cities of Hamburg and Berlin

1968  The graduate economist Hartmut Zippel – the fourth generation – takes over operational management and moves are made towards Zippel's own container transport

1982   Opening of the motorway between Berlin in East Germany and Hamburg in West Germany. The first driver from Berlin to reach the Gudow border checkpoint was Ludwig Bartens, travelling on behalf of the haulage company Konrad Zippel

1995   Axel Plaß – at Zippel since 1990 – becomes the new head of haulage. Thanks to his skill and restructuring in the haulage business, fleet modernisation and the introduction of new means of communication, Zippel continues on its path to success

2005   Zippel is now departing from the platform – the company taps into transport by rail, launching the first train from Hamburg to Berlin

2006   The Halle terminal is connected to the rail network

2007  The Zippel team is joined by Axel Kröger who, together with Axel Plaß, controls the destiny of the Konrad Zippel shipping company.

2009   The rail business is expanded and train departures are increased to four times a week

2011   Since April, zigsXpress – in its capacity as service provider – has been organising the operation of a pioneering railway network for sea containers for its shareholders Konrad Zippel and IGS.

2012   Zippel Logistik GmbH in Dummerstorf allows Zippel to successfully expand its services to include the transportation of general cargo and partial and full truck loads.

In the same year the trading company GmbH is founded, with a focus on products that secure cargo and meet haulage needs.

2014   The Zippel Group continues to grow and now includes the newly founded subsidiary Ladoga Express, based in Hamburg with an agency in St. Petersburg. The focus here is on multi-modal transport to and from Russia.

In order to further solidify Zippel's success on the rails, HBC (Hanseatisches Bahn Contor GmbH), a high-performance partner to Zippel, takes over all shunting activities at the Port of Hamburg.

2015   Zippel celebrates 10 years on the rails! Zippel has successfully developed this pillar further since the beginning in 2005. Zippel's combined transport operations move some 110,000 TEU each year on 650 trains on the Berlin and Schkopau routes.

2016   Zippel moves with the times by completely reworking its website, calculating new tariffs for customers and interacting on social networks.

Further information

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Who we are

We are an innovative, responsible, experienced haulage company based in Hamburg with a young team of specialists.

The Zippel network

The Zippel Group has its own transport and logistics network, including its own fleet and qualified personnel – in the office and behind the wheel.

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We bear responsibility towards our customers, our environment and future generations.