Who we are

We are an innovative, responsible, experienced haulage company based in Hamburg with a young team of specialists. Our success is based on more than 140 years of experience, teamwork and the courage to take risks. 

We've learned a lot over the decades of providing transport services – and above all the power of innovation. It's not always the easiest path, especially when it ends in failure. However, we have emerged from each mistake stronger, never lost sight of our objectives, and – through hard work – made Konrad Zippel the company it is today: a vibrant company, specifically because of its many years of experience.

We are specialists as a team, and each staff member is well-versed in their own area of expertise. Whether in scheduling, carriage services or our documentation, short channels of communication thanks to lean management, combined with fast implementation thanks to a motivated, professional team ensure our work processes run smoothly. We know what's important: quick decisions, rapid implementation and individual solutions for transport customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Reliability and trust are embodied at all company levels, as is traditional at this Hanseatic company.

Further information

The Zippel network

The Zippel Group has its own transport and logistics network, including its own fleet and qualified personnel – in the office and behind the wheel.

geschichte tradition historie pferdekutsche transport zippel


A horse and cart laid the foundation for our logistics company.

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We bear responsibility towards our customers, our environment and future generations.