Special transport

For demanding, sensitive transport tasks, not only can we draw upon special equipment, but also our experience.

Transport of dangerous goods with Zippel

The Zippel Group can transport packaged dangerous goods for you. The highest level of care and reliability is required for this. Our entire fleet is furnished with ADR equipment and all our drivers have a valid ADR certificate. Regular controls, daily spot checks and biannual training for our commercial and industrial employees ensure that we can guarantee the high quality of our services and our reliability.

Waste transport with Zippel

We have held waste management facility certification in accordance with the Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies (EfbV) since August 2012. This allows us to transport any type of waste that requires approval – in containers.

Advantages for you:

  • Authorisation to transport all types of waste in accordance with the German Waste List Ordinance of 10 December 2001

  • Professional transportation of waste carried out by our periodically trained personnel

Temperature-controlled transport

We facilitate the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods of any kind – in containers. Our specialist personnel have the required knowledge and keep this up-to-date by undertaking training periodically. We transport food and also non-food goods such as medicine, quickly and securely to their destination. Our environmentally friendly trucks with state-of-the-art refrigerated chassis ensure that your sensitive products also arrive at a place of your choosing fresh and on time.

Oversize transport

Too high, too wide, too long, too heavy? We also transport oversize goods with great care and attention. In addition to accuracy, exact timing and the right equipment, we also always have a back-up – in case goods turn out to be wider or heavier still.

Expert advice, route surveys, CAD-based feasibility studies and comprehensive project management – we identify problems in advance, and develop the optimum solution for each transport task, each dimension and tonnage.

Powder and granulate transport

Special goods require specialists! This is especially true for granulated and powdered bulk materials. We transport your goods to you and your customers reliably and quickly in 20' containers and 30' bulk containers with our state-of-the-art tipping chassis/rotary valves.

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