If your shipment doesn't completely fill a truck, or if it is too large for the general cargo segment, you should use our partial truck load transport services. No matter how heavy or bulky your goods are, we will transport them to your customers securely and on time. If you need a full truck for your shipment, you should use our full truck load transport services. Our skilled and dedicated employees enable us to guarantee the smooth transportation of your goods.

"The transportation of anything larger than a parcel is scheduled. Every day we ship fridges, washing machines and milk powder, for example."

Christian Joerß

Managing partner of Zippel Logistik GmbH

Zippel Logistik's fleet

Zippel Logistik's fleet ranges from Vito/Sprinters for small B2C quantities, to vehicles (12–18 t) with lifting platforms that facilitate deliveries at ground level without a ramp, and swap-body vehicles for the use of swap bodies (box or tarpaulin) through to tractor units for trailer transport (box or tarpaulin), double-deck loading units and container chassis.

Key features of general cargo

  • Delivery in trucks with lifting platforms
  • General cargo: up to 7 pallet bays
  • General cargo: up to 1,500 kg per package/5,000 kg per shipment
  • General cargo: up to 2.8 ldm per shipment
  • Standard transport time: 24–72 hours after acceptance
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Cash-on-delivery shipments
  • Track & trace

    Specialised haulage

    We plan, organise and manage your shipment and goods flows and keep you informed as necessary.

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    Procurement and distribution

    Use our general cargo network pick-up service for your procurement and purchasing on the way from supplier to production.

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    As a specialised haulage company, Zippel Logistik delivers to all the important economic centres in Europe and beyond, via the Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH (VTL) network.

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    Further information

    container lagerung logistik

    Container transport

    Our road and rail transportation concept includes the scheduling of conventional and container trucks and our own container trains, from the seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven to Berlin and Schkopau.

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    Zippel Logistik's warehousing at Dummerstorf bei Rostock encompasses the management of a total of 8,000 m2 of covered warehouse space with 21 gates, divided into high-bay and block storage areas and picking and transshipment areas.

    Additional services

    The transportation of your goods is our core business, but we also offer additional services such as: Customs clearance and consultancy, cargo handling and products that secure cargo and meet haulage needs.

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